Nail Extensions

We offer the most advanced nail systems to help your nails grow long and strong. This is great if you are a nail bite and want to beat the habit. We offer Acrylic, silk or gel systems.

Nail Extensions

Full set of nail extensions

1hr 30mins- £45.00

Maintenance, this would be required every 2 weeks after a full set to fill in the re-growth area and re-varnish)

1hr - £25.00

Soak off and manicure - 1hr - £25.00

Nail repair - £5.00

Shellac CND

Semi-permanent colours which last up to 14 days.  Applies like a polish but wears like gel.

French - £30.00

Clear - £20.00

Colour - £25.00

Shellac removal-£5 plus any other treatment.

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